“Providing Truth as Inspiration”     

Truth Portal Earth was created to provide information, commentary, resources and inspiration regarding the great challenges humanity has been/is and will continue to face during this extremely critical time in human history. As we continue to be confronted with these ongoing challenges in the days, months, years to come, TPE is in effect a reality check-in, and endeavors to further educate and support those who are awakening to the harsh realities of what is truly happening in our world and humanity. And, to help provide one with a better understanding about how to more easily come to terms with these realities, in a way that further strengthens one's own personal mission as a truth seeker.  For others who previously weren't paying much attention it is a wake-up call.

However, regardless of one's level of awakening the TPE's Mission offers many perspectives, insights into the truths related to all the above-mentioned matters... To inspire (and at times entertain) one to question and further explore all the possibilities behind what is being presented for us with an open, independent mind.

Being a part of the human race comes with responsibility that we recognize, develop and respect our innate abilities, potentiality... That we explore all possibilities available for us as human beings, so to create a joyful and purposeful life, not only for ourselves but that we in some way, on some level contribute to humanity itself. As more people are being forced to wake up it is also time to stand up, for ourselves and one another, against the powers that be, meaning to destroy human life as we once knew it. Our knowledge of truth is our greatest armor of protection... As Enforcers for the “Greater Force of Truth” we become  Advocates for Humanity.

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